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Satisfies cats’ Hunting instinct
Hypernym more potent than catnip & pure as can be!
Our proprietary blend of silver vine and catnip drives cats wild!


Refillable Catnip Toy with a bag of Pure Bliss organic catnip for multiple refills
Fun fish shape for bat and chase play–style varies
Refillable pouch allows you to freshen catnip


Offers the benefits of loose catnip in a neat, convenient 7 ounce spray
Catnip infused spray made with natural catnip oil is safe, pure and potent without chemicals, pesticides or fillers
Catnip provides a burst of playful energy and fun for cats


Satisfies your cat’s need for Stimulation
100% Certified Organic
For most cats, catnip provides fun, focused energy and enthusiasm that mellows into purr pleasure


Litter catcher mat captures cat litter around litter box
Litter is easily poured back into box for reuse
Flexible litter mat provides a soft, rubber-like surface


Certified organic catnip 1 oz
Stays fresh in easy-opening, resealable pouches
No pesticides, chemicals or fillers


This is an interactive cat toy bundle. You will receive one Petlinks Bliss Mist catnip spray 7 oz bottle and 2 Spot brand stuffed mice toys assorted colors.
Bliss Mist is made with natural catnip oil.
The plush mouse toy rattles. Classic kitten toy for chasing, batting, pure fun. Assorted colors, grey or white.