BotaBay Foldable Cat Litter Box with Lid, Extra Large Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Kitty Litter Scoop, Cat Toy, 2-1…

🐾【Large Private Space】size of the covered litter box is 20″ L x 16″ W x 15″ H. The spacious space is convenient for cats to enter, exit and turn around. The closed structure protects the cat’s privacy and is safer and more comfortable. At the same time, it effectively reduces the peculiar smell to keep the indoors air fresh.
🐾【Two Ways in, One Way out】The front door can only enter, the top door can enter and exit at will. The top cover is a hollow design with a 5mm hole. This allows the cat to throw off the cat litter when jumping, not only to prevent the cat litter from being scattered around, but also to train the cat’s natural jumping and increase the fun (if your kitten is too small or is not used to this design at first, you can remove the door at the beginning and install it after the cat gets used to it).
🐾【Drawer Design Easy to Clean】with the pull-out drawer design, we can clean cat feces by pulling out the tray and scoop out cat litter with the equiped scoop. The entire litter box with lid can be completely disassembled, which is more convenient, safer and easier to clean.

BTOYM Foldable Cat Litter Box with Lid, Large Top Entry Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop, Enclosed Cat Potty,Drawer Type…

PORTABLE FOLDABLE : This cat litter box is convenient to storage, install and disassemble,It has larger space when you unfold.You can use it whenever and wherever your cats need it or store it when not in use. Ideal for travelling.
UNIQUE DESIGN : One-way design,The cat couldn’t come out from front door, but it can entry and come out from the top, easier for train the cat’s natural beating and have more fun. The top designed with large-area hollow out sand pedal, shake off the litter during cats jumping, prevent cat litter from being spilled everywhere.You can paste 1-2 rubber pads(comes with 10 rubber pads) on the transparent door stop to prevent noise when cats enter.
DRAWER STRUCTURE :The coverd litter pan with pull-out drawer and cat litter scoop design which can be easier to slide the bottom drawer out to clean/change the litter,The scoop can be hung on the side of the litter box for convenient use.Your home will be much cleaner,trust me, it is suitable for you.

rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower 61″ for Indoor Cats, Multi-Level Cat Condo with Hammock & Scratching Posts for Kittens, Tall Cat Climbing Stand with Plush Perch & Toys for Play Rest

(Spacious & Versatile Fun Center) – No matter your kitten wants to overlook the world on the top perch, melt into the luxury deep hammock, or feel spoiled in the cozy cradle, this multi-purpose cat tree works perfectly as a recreation paradise! Your furry friends can play with the interactive hanging ball and loop, tour freely in their castle across the platforms, or just be lazy inside the warm condo – Exploration never ends!
(Designed to Fulfill Your Cat’s Nature) – This indoor cat tower is a go-to spot for your cat to play, exercise, and relax. Multiple scratching posts reinforced with natural sisal rope will satisfy your cat’s instinct of scratching. Multiple layers and ladder also meet your feline’s climbing nature. The cozy cat condo is a perfect hideaway for your sensitive baby to enjoy privacy. The top perch with raised edge feeds your cat’s desire to look out the window and to take a sunbath on sunny days
(Sturdy Construction for Maximum Safety) – Crafted of heavy-duty particle wood, the strengthened base plates double secure the overall stability so this tall cat house won’t shake or fall when your cat jumps in or out. The robust posts are made of high-density particle wood tubes which can bear lots of weight and hold all platforms firmly without any wobbling, ideal for large kittens and average cats

ABclown Cat Tree 54″ Cat Tower for Indoor Cats, Multi-Level Cat House Condo with Large Perch, Baskets, Sisal Scratching Posts & Cat Climbing Stand with Toy for Kittens Play and Rest Activity Tower

Elegant Design Cat Tree: The cat tower is the perfect feline product with which they can sharpen their claws on the scratching post instead of on your things, giving them a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts. The cat tree include 2 nicely cushioned and large platform beds to sit on and look out the window, spacious hideaway houses and cozy baskets,with plenty of lounging room for your kitties to sleep, This cat condo will be big and fun enough for your cat.
Harmless Natural Sisal Fiber: The cat tree is made with safe, non-toxic materials. Covered with durable sisal rope and fluffy plush there is no problem with this scratching post, which is perfect to stimulate cat’s natural habits, giving them the perfect claw sharpening materials.
Interactive Toys: The cat tree includes some soft dangling balls, plush ball gives extra attraction to cat, lead to full stretch for cats, perfect for claw scratch. It help keep your cat occupied while using the scratch post.

Furrytail Cute Activity Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Post and Teasing Toy, 41-Inch Cat Tower Kitten Play Tunnel House…

✅【ADORABLE DESIGN】Super cute and creative design cat scratching post totally different with others. Not only a great interactive toy for kitten to play but also like a decoration for your home
✅【COMFORT AND ENTERTAINMENT】Covered by soft fabric tunnel become a cozy condo for cat to relax or nap. Teasing ball on the tail and 3 scratching sisal posts adds endless amount of fun playtime for your cat. Relaxing, playing, scratching, climbing in ONE!!!
✅【STURDY & EASY ASSEMBLE】Widening & thickening base to secure the solid prevent tipping. Super easy assembly even tool-challenged person could handle!!!

S-Lifeeling Cat Climbing Toys Tower Structures Cat Climber Tree Post Shelves Multilayer Platform Super Long Large Cat…

Cats are naturally fond of high places, and this cat crawler is just what cats like.
Selected Material: Our Cat tree made by eco-friending board material for your cats to play in a safety enviornment. Sturdy and heavier based board for cat to play in more stablely.
Product specification: base 27 cm * 43 cm (10.6inch * 17 inch), 286 cm(113 inch) long, adjustable, each layer height 55 cm(21.6inch) board thickness 1.5 cm, weight 10 kg.

Catry Scratching Pad Cat Tree – A Cat Play House with Cat Hammock, Scratching Post, and Playful Toys Invariably Trap…

INSPIRED BY BABYLON – Catry brought an idea from the myth of Babylon hanging gardens into our cat tree products as a new series – Babylon collection. Catry devotes all design purposes to please your cats and meanwhile making sure your home still looks good. With Babylon style, a smaller size cat tower still can be structured complex to allure cats.
PLAY WITH CATS – What else does a cat do other than sleep? Of course, it’s PLAY! Catry cat trees always provide a maze-like attraction to cats. They love to play around with this amazing cat house. The cat scratching post isn’t enough? Teasing string toys are ready for your pal! Overall Size 17.5 In by L/, 17.5 In by W/, 42 In by H.
SLEEP WITH CATS – What does a cat most often do? The answer is always SLEEPING. Our Catry cat condo is a cat house for your cute kitten to sleep in. The well-designed cat hammock tenderly holds the cat like a lover’s hug. And the cat tower offers cats an additional option to chill out from a higher view.

Sasapet Cat Scratching Post, Mushroom Claw Scratcher Small Cat Tree House Traning Interactive Toys for Indoor Kittens…

【Cute and durable】 This cat scratching post imitates the shape of mushroom, which looks very cute and novel and can be integrated with almost all interior decorations.
【Well-made】 The cat scratcher toy provides a place for cats to release energy and satisfy scratch and climb。suitable for all kinds of cats.
【Natural environmental protection】 This mushroom cat scratching post is wrapped with natural fiber sisal; the base is made of thick particleboard, covered with soft flannel, safe and stable, avoid tipping and shaking, provide reliability and stability, wood material ,Handmade.

Lucky Monet 3-Tier 28 Inches Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts Pompom Ball Toy Bright Flower Pattern

✿ Includes a 3-level cat activity tree, 28″ high, 19″ long and 15″ wide.
✿ 3-layer structure design with 3 scratching posts wrapped in jute and a pompom ball toy, convenient for cat’s scratching, climbing, relaxing, and exercising.
✿ Constructed of heavy stable base and anti-toppling fittings, covered with ultra soft plush and sponge, this cat tree will surely provide a comfortable touch and firm support.

Cat Tree Cat Tower Cat Condo, HAMATE 33.5″ Cat House with Sisal Scratching Post for Kitten Activity Platform Playground Furniture with Plush Hanging Ball Toy for Playing Climb Relax and Sleep

🐈【Fashionable & Unique Cat House】 -This cat home combination with two bodies, which can disassemble in two parts if you want; You can also adjust it to make more efficient use of space by the rotatable supporting tube when you put them together; the special construction keep the cat tree very stable and solid, no need to worry about it will fall down when your cat jump in
🐈【Multi Level to Relax】-Car tree is made of strong P2-grade particle wood with skin-friendly plush covering to keep your cats warm and cozy. Spoil your cats with this scratching tree so they won’t feel lonely when you’re away, and let them play and relax in comfort. Suitble for large, medium and small cats, please check the size of the cat condo if you are not sure it fits your cat
🐈【Super Load-Bearing Basket】-The hanging basket can bear 44 lbs weight and no deformed at all (tested of course), this is the one of most special point which our cat tree difference from the cat tower on the market. Strong, Sturdy and Long-lasting

GOOPAWS Cat Foldable Tower Tree – Cat Toys and Beds & Cats Play Towers/Cat Scratching Post for Large Cats/larfe Cat…

🐾1. Unique design: The interior of the cat tree/condo is very suitable for cats to nap, and can sleep on top of the hammock, and there are removable and washable cushions at the bottom of the apartment. When the cat jumps on the hammock, the base will remain firm. It also has a natural sisal scratching surface and a hanging pom pom ball that can attract cats’ attention and is for cats to play. The cat’s sharp claws will not scratch the furniture.
🐾2. Good quality: The sturdy and soft cat tree/condo is made of durable plush fabric, strong stitches and high-quality sisal memo pad design, which can withstand the cat’s daily games. The size when unfolded is 20.3 x 13.8 x 25.5 inches; the diameter of the condo opening is 7 inches. Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels, it weighs only 11 pounds and is easy to move.
🐾3. Foldable design: The folding and storage cat tower has a unique foldable design, which is an ideal choice for small spaces. It can be stored easily and quickly without taking up space. No assembly required at all: just unfold and start enjoying. The tower provides you and your cat with the best of both worlds and is ideal for those who want to save space in a cat tower.

PetnPurr Cat Flower Scratching Post, Perch and Activity Tree with Teaser Ball Toy – Designed to Protect Your Home…

PERFECT PERCH FOR YOUR PET – Acts as a scratching post and climbing toy for your cat. They love to jump on top to play and rest, on a platform they can make their own.
PROTECTS YOUR HOME FURNISHINGS – Give your kitty a cute alternative to scratching and gouging your furniture. Built for tough pawing, pulling, yanking and stretching.
TEASER BALL IS FUN FOR ALL – Hanging from the top of the flower, the dangling teaser ball becomes an adorable plaything for your cat to punch and swat at.

rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower, 73″ Tall Cat Trees for Indoor Cats, Multi-Level Cat Condo with Scratching Posts for Large Small Kittens, Cat Post Stand House with Plush Perch & Toys for Rest Play

[ Enjoyment from Top to Bottom ] – Finally a luxury cat house with so much to love! Two top perches reserve an elevated place for your kittens to bask in the sun and watch the world go by. If your felines like to curl up for napping, then the hanging basket should be their favorite. Two large felt condos are quiet spots to snooze when they felt pleasantly drowsy, while also give sensitive kitties refuge to seek security. Dangling ball toys allow your cat to catch the thrill of the hunt
[ In-Line with Cat Preferences ] – The multi-level design and ideal 73″ height meet the feline’s natural desire of climbing and scouting the surroundings in high places – your indoor cats can also gain sufficient physical exercise and thrive with better well-being. The sisal ramp and multiple condo openings motivate your active kid to explore this cat gym through various routes. Sisal cat posts invite your cat to free the scratching urge and enjoy a sound claw workout
[ High Quality Assures Safety ] – Thanks to its thick basement and confident construction, this large cat tower can secure every leap of your kitten with no risk of tipping over. Platforms are made of high-density wood boards to ensure durability and stability. Both interior and exterior are covered with plushy faux-fur so your kitty can nuzzle with comfort. The pillars are reinforced with natural sisal ropes which are strong enough to support continuous scratching

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Playground & Feather Cat Toys for Cats & Kittens, Scratch & Play – Multiple Styles…

FUN AND PLAY: The tall cat tree tower playground features plenty of activities and entertainment to keep your cat engaged and mentally stimulated, such as sisal posts, plush ball toys, a prey toy, a hanging rope, and an interactive cat IQ busy box
TOWER DESIGN: The towering multi-level design of the cat tree playground promotes climbing and exercise, which helps encourage and motivate felines into a healthier and active lifestyle
SCRATCH POST: The cat scratching posts are wrapped in sisal fiber, which carries the rough, bark-like texture of a tree to better satisfy your cat’s scratching needs; sisal is also durable, long-lasting, and economical

Kitti Variety Pack Bundle Including (2) 7.5″ Triple Strength Catnip Toys, (2) Tidy Cat Breeze Multi Cat Pads 8ct and (1) Tidy Cats Breeze Enhanced Pellets 7lb Bag.

Kitti bundle includes (2) Tidy Cats Breeze Multi Cat Pads 8ct, (1) Tidy Cats Breeze Enhanced Pellets 7lb bag and (2) Kitti Brand 7.5″ Triple Strength Catnip Toys
Tidy Cats Breeze fast-absorbing pads lock in moisture so the litter box remains dry
Improved odor control over original BREEZE pellets

CATOY Dancing Fish Cat Toy Set – This Cat Stimulating Toy Kit Includes: A Realistic and Hilarious Electronic USB…

MOTIVATE AND PAMPER YOUR KITTY WITH THIS INTERACTIVE TOY FOR CAT EXERCISE. CATOY brings you this fun and exciting pussycat stimulation and pampering set. In the set you receive: THE FLOPPY FISH – Electronic and rechargeable via USB; THE ELECTRONIC BALL – Electronic via batteries; 20g JAR OF CATNIP – All natural with a smell cats simply can’t resist; CHEWING BALL; GROOMER – for brushing; BACKPACK – To keep it all together
REALISTIC MOVING FISH TOY FOR CATS – SUSHI (that’s what we call him) is a lifelike fish toy for cats. He is 11” long and weighs just over 4 oz. The electronic cat toy with catnip comes together with a USB cable for easy charging (just 2 hours will have him working for up to 2 days). SUSHI will move his tail from side to side until he stops moving. Your cat won’t be able to resist giving it a push, and the rechargeable fish toy will start up all over again.
THE GROOMER – This 5 x 3” fur brush can be used by you to massage and groom your cat from unwanted hair. Alternatively, hang it on a wall or any flat surface where your fur baby can reach and give him/herself a good ol’ scratch. Can be hung with screws or 2-sided tape. This is a safe and pampering way to ensure your cat stays well-groomed, and lessens the chance that he/she will suffer from hair balls.

Ontel Flippity Fish Cat Toy

Cat Toy: Flippity Fish is the amazingly realistic cat toy that flips, flops and wiggles just like a real fish! The built-in motion sensor activates when your pet is nearby or touches the toy
Promote Exercise: Keep your cat entertained for hours with this durable and non-toxic cat toy. The realistic movement helps promote exercise and fun interactive play, reducing stress and bad behavior
Hours of Fun: Keep your kitty entertained for hours with a design and pattern that resembles a real fish! Features machine washable cover and refillable cat nip pouch. USB rechargeable

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