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  • munchiecat Matatabi Silver Vine Sticks with Organic Catnip | Natural, Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy for Cats and Kittens


    100% NATURAL CHEW TOY – Silvervine is a popular catnip alternative in Japan. These silvervine sticks are a natural wood product from the Silvervine plant. All of our products have no additives, toxins or preservatives and are a healthy and safe option for your pets.
    IMPROVES DENTAL HEALTH – As your cats nibble and chew away, the sticks will help exfoliate plaque from their teeth. Matatabi is a natural dental care that keeps your pet’s teeth and gums maintained and healthy.
    DURABLE AND REUSABLE – Our matatabi sticks are dried and sealed in food grade bags to keep the product fresh and protected from moisture. We recommend peeling off the outer layers of the sticks to “refresh” them and increase potency over time.

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