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Why is My Cat Losing Hair

March 21, 2021 By The cat site 0

Why is My Cat Losing Hair – Symptoms and Causes The Most Common Reasons – Allergies: They are the top cause of hair loss in cats. Like people, your cat can be allergic to food, medicines, dust, insect bites, or pollen. To soothe the itching,…

Black Cat Breeds

March 19, 2021 By The cat site 1

Black Cat Breeds with Amazing Black Coats Did you know that black cat breeds are the most likely to be abandoned and the least likely to be adopted from shelters?It’s sad, but it’s true, and there’s just no good reason for it. Throughout history, black…

Helpful Article About Cats

March 17, 2021 By The cat site 0

A Helpful Article About Cats That Offers Many Useful Tips When it comes to owning a great pet, you can’t go wrong with a cat. Those who have never owned a cat before would be wise to read the following article. Below are some excellent…