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  • HoneyGuaridan Smart Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dispenser with Infrared Induction, Designed for Small & Medium-Sized…


    Built-in 3 working modes: infrared induction mode, continues mode and intermittence mode. Press the power button to change the working mode. Infrared induction mode, the fountain dispense water when the pets are detected by infrared sensor within 1.5 meters; Continues mode, the fountain keeps dispensing water for 24 hours; Intermittence mode, this fountain dispenses water for 1 hour and shut down for 30 minutes. All modes design from considering from low-carbon and environmentally-friendly.
    Compact and Patent Design: The Max height is 6.3 inches, the Min height is 5.5 inches. 2.5L re-circulating system takes up little floor space. The re-circulating system: A wide and smooth curve and surface reserve part of water and keep water fresh. If there isn’t enough water, it stops working and remind you to refill water with LED light.
    Easy to disassemble and clean: the pet water fountain is easy to disassemble by following the instructions, super easy to clean the fountain by water or cleanser. The replaceable carbon water filter removes bad tastes, odors and contaminants, keeping water fresh and helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases of pets through increased hydration.

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