Funny cat video | Maine Coon Cat squeeze through tunnel

February 9, 2021 0 Comments

Welcome to my channel and today’s video is about Funny cat video of my Cute Cat Frederic a Maine Coon Cat squeeze through tunnel.

Human have always had a close relationship with cats. There’s no question that cats are a popular choice of pets. Cats are beautiful pets and are really cool to have. They are cute, adorable, curious and loyal. Cats can remember and respond to their owner’s acts of kindness. You will be amazed by seeing what cat can do.

In this Funny cat video, my cat Frederic, saw something inside a reflective mirror tunnel. The cat wonder what might be inside the reflective mirror tunnel. May be something very yummy, to eat. As he is a real chicken and beef lover. Then he move closer to see and try to squeeze himself inside the tunnel. But he could not reach his destination.

So watch the full video of Cat Frederic, as he tries hard to reach his goal and see if anyone comes to help him? Can he complete his mission successfully?

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