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  • ATack Cat Anti-Scratch Training Tape, Residue-Free and Removable, Clear, 2.5-Inches x 20 Yards, Kitty Scratch Deterrent…


    Surface finish safe Cat Training Tape that strongly deters your cats from scratching your leather furniture, couch, and sofa due to the sticky feeling. Trains your cats in the long run to not turn your precious investments into scratching posts.
    100% PET SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: Your pets’ safety should come first! Our Anti-Scratch Tape for your kitty is laboratory tested to be non-toxic and is hypo-allergenic.
    Residue-free silicone adhesive will NOT LEAVE ANY STICKY RESIDUE or damage your furniture. Works well for leather sofas and will not lift off the pigment from the upholstery nor will it leave any tape marks upon removal.

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