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  • L Lysine for Cats Immune Viralys Support Oral Granule Powder – 500 mg per serving ( 4oz) – Cats & Kittens, Immune Health…


    L-Lysine Supplement for Cats Trulysine is Doggy Naturals a highly palatable oral granule powder formulated to support a healthy immune system and recommended for conditions responsive to L-Lysine. It also helps support respiratory health and helps maintain normal eye function and health like sneezing, watery eyes & runny nose.
    Trulysine (Doggy Naturals) is recommended by Veterinarians for Feline support the immune system as an aid in the treatment of the feline herpes virus and its associated respiratory and ocular symptoms.. L-lysine has been shown to reduce the severity and the duration of the feline herpes virus.
    DELICIOUS POULTRY AND FISH FLAVOR ORAL GRANULES POWDER : Oral granule powder flavor will make easy to give to your cat or kitten, just sprinkle over or mix in their food. Easy to administer

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