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  • Bundle & Bliss Secret Litter Box – Premium Hidden Litter Box Enclosure, Perfect for Large Cats, Doubles as Cat Furniture…


    🐾 THOUGHTFUL, MODERN DESIGN – The unique, patented design of the Secret Litter Box looks just like a planter box for your home. Add some greenery to your decor while camouflaging your cat’s business all at the same time! Friends and family will never know your stylish new planter is actually a hidden litter box for your cat.
    🐾 VERY SPACIOUS INTERIOR – Perfect for large cats and multi-cat households due to its extra wide opening and spacious interior. The opening of the Secret Litter Box is situated lower down, making it easy for kittens and older cats to get in and out.
    🐾 REDUCES ODOR AND LITTER MESS – Thanks to its enclosed design, the Secret Litter Box is highly effective at keeping odors at bay. The high sides also ensure that litter and dust stay inside the box instead of scattered on your floors. Perfect for cats that like to kick outside the box!

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