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  • SCRATCH+GUARD Cat Training Tape | Clear Adhesive Double Sided Sticky Guard | Protect Furniture | Clear 4 Inches x 30…


    DETER SCRATCHING WITH SCRATCH-GUARD Cat Training Tape. Deter your cat and pets from scratching your furniture. Train cats and dogs to not scratch the surfaces of your home by apply the SCRATCH-GUARD double sides clear adhesive tape to protect your couch, chair, curtains, sofa, rugs, carpet, doors and walls. The sticky feeling on your cat and pets paws will deter them from scratching those surfaces.
    PRESERVE THE BEAUTIFUL DECOR OF YOUR HOME. Clear invisible premium quality double sided sticky tape blends beautifully with your existing décor, furniture and surfaces at the same time protect them. Enjoy living with your pets again and be worry free! EASY TO APPLY AND ORDER FREE AND WILL NOT DAMAGE FURNITURE
    LARGE 4 INCHES WIDE 30 YARD TAPE ROLL. Thick transparent scratch guard tape with a total of 4,320 square inches (LARGEST ON THE MARKET). Cut to any size to use for protection of your delicate surfaces.

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