Package Dimensions: 31, hundredths-inches, 697, hundredths-inches, 3, Hundredths Pounds, 386, hundredths-inches

31, hundredths-inches, 697, hundredths-inches, 3, Hundredths Pounds, 386, hundredths-inches

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  • love66 Catnip Sticks 6 Pcs Matatabi Cat Stick Catnip Chew Sticks Pet Kitten Cleaning Teeth Healthy Care Organic Silver…


    🌺USE&PLEASURE: Matatabi cat stick can stimulate the senses of the cat and help the cat promote exercise and gastrointestinal motility, catnip chew sticks can keep them healthy, 80% of cats will feel happy or behave happily after using the dental pet catnip sticks, your cat will exhibit amusing and funny behaviour extreme cute .Silvervine matabi chew cats toys, for best results, we recommend that you let the cat play for about matatabi cat stick chew toys for cats 30 minutes a day.
    🐱 NATURAL DENTAL CARE KEEP ORAL HEALTH :100% Natural matatabi cat stick for cats facilitates dental Hygiene and oral care ,Chew the matatabi for cats helps to release harmful plaque and tartar , as well as ending halitosis ,catnip cat chew treats through exfoliating dental plaque build-ups on molars , matatabi sticks cat toys helps keep teeth and gums healthy canines and incisors, cat nip Without additives or conservatives , catnip chew sticks cat toys green healthy, 100% safe for your pet.
    🐱6PCS PREMIUM ORGANIC CATNIP STICKS: Cats adore the matatabi cat stick scent of this special wood and use feline sticks niteangel as matatabi silvervine cat chew toy . Cat chew toy for teeth, is suitable for cats of all ages and all breeds, from Maine Coon to Bengal up to British Shorthair. Cat dental chew sticks Can help relieve your cat’s stress! healthy chew toys for kittens ,and matabi stick pet dental chews for dogs. After enjoying your cat will feel calm and relaxed.

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