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  • VCOS Anti-Scratch Cat Training Tape Clear Double Sided Sticky Tape for Door, Couch, Furniture and Leather Scratch Guard…


    VCOS High-quality scotch tape.The VCOS Pet Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape EMPOWERS you to train your pets to not turn your furniture as a scratching post as the sticky feeling of the adhesive tape repels and eventually makes them develop the habit of not scratching your expensive furniture.
    Double Sided Woodworking Tape that is ideal for surface protection of leather seats, sofas and furniture from pet scratches, sealing, light repairing, and other adhesion applications. CRYSTAL CLEAR AND RESISTS YELLOWING-making it perfect for furniture applications as the color and texture beneath it can still be displayed clearly.
    NON-TOXIC AND 100% PET SAFE. Your pet’s safety should be the top priority while training them. The VCOS Cat Furniture Guard is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and will not irritate your pets.

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