Cat Water Fountain

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[Fully Compatible]: This flower water fountain filter is completely compatible with PEDY 2.0L pet flower water fountain. Size: 5.1 x 0.4 inch.(Not fit for Catit Fountain)
[Value Pack]: 6 pack replacement water fountain filters made of premium activated carbon and cotton, they can help to remove chlorine, odor and organic contaminants from water.
[Improve Water Quality]: This flower water fountain filter can improve the water quality with the three 3 types of filtration (Resin, Charcoal, filter cotton fabrics), enhance the taste for your lovely pets. The external polyester layer on each filter captures hair and debris.


SIZE: 4.93 inch in diameter. Compatible with 1.6 L flower fountains, such as YOUTHINK / MOSPRO / HOMMII / ISYOUNG /KOALAD / HAPPYPAPA / PEDY automatic Flower Fountains. ATTENTION: Not Fit for Catit Fountain.
Perfect Filter: provide you fantastic way to make kitty/dog water pure with ease, your pet will drink far more water from fountain than regular.
Keep Healthy: made of activated carbon and polyester fiber material, help to remove impurities in water.


isYoung dogs & cats fountain gives fresher and better tasting filter water for your pets.(Please rinse filter with water thoroughly before use)
88-ounce large water capacity design: encourages your pets to drink more to stay healthy.
Quick-release components for convenient disassembly and cleaning.


70 fluid ounce water capacity
Multi-height drinking levels
Super-quiet operation

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LARGE WATER CAPACITY: 100 oz. water capacity is great for pets of all sizes
ENCOURAGES DRINKING: Free-falling stream entices dogs and cats to drink more water
FILTERED WATER: Includes replaceable carbon water filter that removes bad tastes and odors, keeping water fresh


★2.5L HUGE CAPACITY:The 2.5L capacity fits your pets to drink around one month. No need to replenish water frequently and it can meet the drinking needs of cats, dogs, birds and other pets of various sizeso even if you go out for a long time, there is no need to worry about it.
★LOW CONSUMPTION&SUPER SILENT: Safe and efficient AC submersible pump with only 2w low power consumption, can run for 10,000 hours and run dry for 48 hours. Silent submersible pump,Super quiet and won’t affect pet’s or your sleep.
★FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Made of finely polished antibacterial PP resin material, this automatic water bowl is BPA-free, non-toxic and odorless, and obtains food-grade certification, which can be used safely and securely.


😸 SAFE & HYGIENIC & DURABLE – Ceramic cat water fountain is durable and resistant to scratches. Made of Non-toxic material it can be used safely. Simple structure and design is easy to remove and clean, there are no places for bacteria to thrive, making this pet drink dispenser a more hygienic choice than the other fountains.
😻 ULTRA QUIET & LOW CONSUMPTION – With the upgrade super silent pump, you can hardly hear the sound of water, which won’t affect you and your pet to rest. If the sounds become louder means the water level is low, pls remember to add water. Gurgling water makes your home more vibrant.
😼 AUTOMATIC CIRCULATING SYSTEM – The circulating filtration system aerate the water for added oxygen and freshness. A source of running water encourages pets to drink more rather than stationary water. Helps to prevent your lovely pets from urinary and kidney diseases. (Remember don’t put too much hose to the lotus head or the water will pill out when the pump is work)


【2.8L EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY】2.8L/95oz water capacity is great for small to medium sized pets.No need to replenish water frequently.It can provide 2-3 pets to drink together.
【SAFE MATERIALS】With food-grade certification, it is BPA-free, non-toxic and odorless.Made of finely polished antibacterial PP resin materials. Replaceable charcoal carbon filter that provides unique multistage filtration, ensuring water clean and healthy.
【Unique Design】2 water flow settings,Insert the bean sprout to create a long fountin like stream for drinking,remove the bean sprout and the fountain providesa gentle flowing water surface for drinking. Incline design, allowing dogs to have more water space.


Material:TD Design are made of BPA-Free plastic & a pump and top-shelf dishwasher safe.Both the fountain and pump are easy to remove and keep clean,and it’s considerably lighter than other styles.
Water Capacity:This fountain can hold as much as 68 ounces(2L) of water at a time.That’s more than enough water any cat or dog of any size needs to be drinking a day, and is even enough to support the need of multiple pets you may have at home without the need to re-fill it with water throughout the day.
Charcoal Filtered:This unit has a carbon water filter as part of its overall mechanism, which means that any water your dog, cat or pet will be drinking from it will be as fresh as possible – most importantly tasting and smelling as fresh as possible,and it can prevent from getting moldy.


You can turn on/off this cat fountain wherever you are at any time by the app on your smart phone.
You can set automatic daily timers or create on/off schedules so that this cat fountain can turn on and off on their own.
High quality anti-bite stainless steel power cord, better than other plastic power cord.


WATER CAPACITY: The ½ gallon water capacity is great for households with cats or small dogs
ENCOURAGES HYDRATION: A free-falling stream of water entices pets to drink more, and helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases in pets through increased hydration
FILTERED WATER: The foam filter catches hair and dirt before they reach the pump and the carbon filter removes bad tastes and odors; the constant water circulation in the bowl helps prevent bacteria growth


🐾 【Replacement Filter 4pcs】: Only suitable for Pecute pet water fountain of PWF-PD01. Notice: Not applicable for water dispensers of other brands!
🐾 【3 Layer Filtration】: The first layer: PP cotton microporous filter hair food debris.The second layer: activated carbon to scale, purify water.The third layer: PP cotton removes odor, effectively improve the taste.More hygienic water and healthier pet.
🐾 【Sealed Packaging】: The filter cartridge is sealed in a separate plastic bag and every 4 pieces packed in a box to ensure that each filter is separated,clean.