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  • Double Sided Rug Tape – Hardwood Floors, Carpet, Area Rugs, Tile (2.5 Inch , 30 Yards)


    It’s 2.5 inches wide for maximum area coverage. Ideal for kid / elderly slipping safety, woodworking, underlayment installation, and construction.
    Stream out a long strand without it becoming totally stuck and wrapped around something (Think Lucy)
    Optimal stick, weight, and pliability, the best heavy duty tape on the market is easy to handle, peel, apply, and removable with no residue.

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  • Melca Cat Scratch Deterrent Sticky Tape – 10 Yd, 2.5 Inch Repellent


    EFFECTIVE! Because the cat scratch deterrent tape sticks to almost any dry surface, you’ll be able to apply it to your kitchen counter, furniture (microfiber, leather, fabric), couch, door, carpet, sofa, wood, countertop, door, etc.
    FAST RESULTS! Cats hate sticky paws which means they’ll stop scratching immediately, ending your fur baby’s reign of terror for good. Cat scratch tape for the training win!
    CRITICAL! Unlike other double sided cat scratch tape products that leave a mess behind and require hours of cleaning with adhesive removers, ours can be taken off without leaving residue.

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