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  • Sofisti-Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape – Clear Double-Sided Cat Anti Scratch Training Tape, XL Sheets (12″x17″ Each)


    LOVE YOUR CAT, SAVE YOUR SOFA! Cats detest sticky paws and sticky surfaces. This innovative two-sided sticky tape designed for cats, acts as a barrier to unwanted claw-sharpening that shreds upholstery. By placing it on your furniture you teach your cat where NOT to scratch.
    HUMANE SCRATCH DETERRENT eliminates unsightly clawing of your fine furniture without resorting to traumatic de-clawing.
    FURNITURE-SAFE sticky tape for cats boasts a mild adhesive that adheres to furniture that is made of fabric without leaving behind a gummy residue when removed. Sofisti-Cat is ideal for couches, armchairs and drapes. (Please note: this tape is not suitable for use on bonded or faux leather).

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