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Our Patented Mats With Litter Lock(TM) Mesh Are Unrivaled In Keeping Litter Off Your Floors

Why risk the embarrassment of litter tracking all over the house? Our mats keep your house hygienic.

Independently laboratory tested and certified free of phthalates and other toxins

Are you and your kitty being exposed to carcinogens? Most other litter mats release cancer causing phthalates into the air you breathe. But not ours. Pawkin(TM) mats are laboratory tested to be free of phthalates and other toxins. Don’t risk exposing your kitty and family to this cancer causing poison. Choose Pawkin, the phthalate free mat.

You’ve got to have a really big, well designed mat to keep litter from getting tracked out on your floors

At 35″x23″, not only are our mats big enough – our Litter Lock mesh is optimized for trapping litter. Compared side-by-side with other similar mats, you can see and feel how ours are thicker and have a deeper mesh.

At the same time, our mats are easy to clean. Just shake or vacuum and the litter simply falls out or gets sucked out. Quick and simple.

Elegant design blends beautifully with both modern and traditional home decor.

Our non-slip backing keeps your mat in place, even with very active kitties.

Our high quality PVC material is resistant to liquids and can be washed with liquid soap or dish detergent, or sprayed down. If your kitty pees or barfs on the mat, no worries. Clean up is easy.

Our mats are softer than other similar mats. They are more comfy for kitty’s paws.

Works great as a pet feeding mat too!

You have nothing to risk since we will give a full refund if you’re not happy with your mat

Why not try one out and see how our specially designed cat litter mats work? 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked. Customer service is our highest priority and we are here to make you happy.

PHTHALATE FREE – Independently laboratory tested non-toxic. Safe for your kitty and family.
IT REALLY WORKS – Litter Lock mesh keeps litter off your floor. Order one and see for yourself.
HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL – We’ve designed a cat litter box mat that’s made to last.
EASY TO CLEAN – Our mesh locks litter, but allows for quick release when shaking out or vacuuming.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – No questions asked. We stand by the quality of our mats. Period.

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