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House cats (and pet rabbits and birds) naturally crave and revel in consuming greens. Planting our additional fancy mix of 4 organically grown grasses only for them will fulfill this want and deflect them from consuming your houseplants. Our nutritious mix is tender, candy and straightforward to digest, containing simply assimilated nutritional vitamins and enzymes that hold your pet wholesome and delightful. Fresh greens are a pure breath freshener and supply helpful roughage that can help your pet’s digestion and forestall hair balls.
House Cats Naturally Crave and Enjoy Eating Greens
Four Organically Grown Grasses Satisfy This Need
Nutritious Blend is Tender, Sweet and Easy to Digest
Contains Easily Assimilated Vitamins and Enzymes That Keep Your Pet Healthy
A Natural Breath Freshener That Also Provides Beneficial Roughage



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