Feline Nutrition: Nutrition for the Optimum Health and Longevity...

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Cats, by means of desert adaptation, require water as a element of their meals. They additionally lack the metabolic pathways to effectively course of plant materials, thus defining them as obligate carnivores; their meals ought to consist solely of meat, fats, bones, and organs. These are two quite simple but basic information of feline diet. A cat is soley designed to hunt, kill, eat, and course of meat. Through hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, cats have developed distinctive traits of anatomy, physiology, metabolism, and conduct indicative of obligate carnivores. Many feline ailments reminiscent of diabetes, weight problems, urinary tract issues, continual renal illness, and irritable bowel syndrome will be instantly attributed to low moisture, low-meat-protein, and high-carbohydrate ranges that plague many of right this moment’s commercially produced cat meals. Many cats survive on these dry, supplemented, plant-based diets however they don’t thrive. This ebook will focus on primary feline anatomy and physiology (explaining how a cat’s physique metabolizes vitamins) coupled with decoding pet meals labels which is able to make it easier to make wholesome picks whether or not selecting to buy industrial meals or making a home-prepared uncooked food plan to feed your cat.

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