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Kitty Obsession All-in-One Cat Carrier Price: $218.99 (as of 09/12/2022 02:46 PST- Details)

The Cat does NOT go to the bathroom in the bag. The carrier comes with containers for food and water, a scooper, and trash bags. Most importantly, the carrier includes a portable litter box storage area (closed off in its own compartment). Includes labeled pockets for easy organization; Plastic lined scooper pocket; Comfortable faux fur pad; Durable fabric *not approved for commercial airline use *US Patent


The Cat does NOT move to the toilet within the bag. The provider comes with packing containers for meals and water, a scooper, and trash baggage. Such a lot importantly, the provider features a moveable muddle field garage space (closed off in its personal compartment). Contains categorized wallet for simple group; Plastic coated scooper pocket; Relaxed pretend fur pad; Sturdy cloth *no longer authorized for industrial airline use *US Patent

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