HTL Fully Enclosed Large Whale Litter Box, Creative Cute Cat... Price: $330.50 (as of 22/09/2021 15:40 PST- Details)

▲▽The Cat Litter Shovel is Transformed into a Whale’s Tail, Which is More Convenient for Storage.
▲▽High-Quality Silicone Non-Slip Mat, Safe, Anti-Friction, Protect Cat Health.
▲▽Small Footprint and Large Space Utilization, Even Fat Cats Can Be Accommodated, Suitable for Cats of All Sizes.


▲▽The Cat Clutter Shovel is Reworked right into a Whale’s Tail, That is Extra Handy for Garage.
▲▽Prime-High quality Silicone Non-Slip Mat, Protected, Anti-Friction, Offer protection to Cat Well being.
▲▽Small Footprint and Huge House Usage, Even Fats Cats Can Be Accommodated, Appropriate for Cats of All Sizes.
▲▽Lifting Most sensible Quilt Layout, Skinny and Gentle Abs+Pp Subject matter, Ladies Can Additionally Simply Perform with One Hand.
▲▽Cat’s Small Fort, Inventive and Distinctive Form, Very best Whale Layout, Provide Cats a House of Their Personal.

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