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Catnip (Certified Organic) Powder (1 oz, ZIN: 517600) Price: $14.87 (as of 09/12/2022 02:12 PST- Details)


Catnip (Certified Organic) Powder (1 oz, ZIN: 517600): Catmint (Catnip), the herb so engaging to home cats, has few culinary makes use of. With its gently curved spikes of heart-shaped, gray-green leaves and clusters of white or pale blue flowers, it’s, nevertheless, a pretty addition to a border. – History – The plant, an herbaceous perennial, is native to Asia and Europe, and was extensively utilized in self-help dietary supplements. In his Herball , Gerard recommends it for colds, coughs, chest complaints, and nervousness. – Characteristics – The plant grows to a top of as much as three ft. with a variety of 15 inches. It has a straggly behavior, and is liable to be squashed flat by cats rolling on it. Indeed, to protect crops from this destiny, it might be mandatory to guard them with wire netting. – Growing Tips – Catmint will be grown from seed planted in spring or summer season in good fertile soil in partial shade, or by root division or cuttings taken in spring. – How to Use – – Traditionally used to

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