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An incredible various to catnip that additionally helps keep wholesome tooth!

Packed into our Matatabi Sticks are pure important oils that drive cats wild.

Gently rub off some bark of the stick with launch the scents from the pure oils- then give to your cat to get pleasure from. They will play, roll, rub, and have a blast!

– Each resealable bag is full of 7-9 Matatabi sticks (relying on vine thickness) which can be roughly 5 inches lengthy every.

– Matatabi sticks promote wholesome chewing behaviors. They additionally act as a pure toothbrush and are protected for cats to tear aside throughout play.

– Can be re-used many occasions… or till all of them disappear underneath the sofa!

Many cats react to Matatabi (the vine of the Silvervine plant) even when they present little curiosity to catnip – a 2017 examine discovered that 80 % of cats loved Silvervine whereas 1 out of three didn’t reply to catnip. It additionally discovered that they performed longer and returned after a shorter time.

– What is Matatabi? –

Matatabi is a well-liked catnip various in Asia!

Although lesser identified within the United States, Matatabi is extra fashionable in Japan and China than catnip! The plant is native to the mountains of Eastern Asia and grows like an ivy on timber and rocks. It is formally named Actinidia Polygama, however is often referred to as Silver Vine for the distinctive coloration of its leaves.

Our Meowy Wowie Matatabi sticks are pure unprocessed segments of the crops vine. They are protected for cats to tear aside throughout play. We choose and trim every Matatabi stick with be the proper measurement and size for cats to play with.

CATNIP ALTERNATIVE- Matatabi Sticks trigger the same response but in addition double as a enjoyable toy!
100% NATURAL- Harvested on the peak of freshness
HIGHLY POTENT- Olfactory attractants give cats an enduring, intense response
SAFE AND HEALTHY- Promotes play and helps to alleviate nervousness and boredom in home cats





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