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PREMIUM BLEND: Organic catnip leaves, flowers and silver vine blend will give your cats a better long lasting experience. Not all cats react to silvervine or catnip equally so we created the best of both worlds to maximize your cats experience! Munchiecat’s premium leaf and flower cut gives you minimal stems and seeds and more of the essential oils that cause a reaction in most cats.
WHAT IS SILVERVINE: Silver vine is a climbing plant that grows in the mountains of China and Japan. It contains actinide and other active compounds similar in structure to nepetalactone, the chemical responsible for frisk-inducing effects on felines.
PET SAFE: Safely stimulates cats of all ages. Expect energetic play behaviors like jumping, rolling, running, flipping, and rubbing, followed by a low-key period of relaxation. 100% safe and non-toxic. A healthy way for your cat to play. Redirect destructive behavior like scratching on furniture.

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When cats scent catnip they might exhibit quite a few behaviors comparable to rubbing their heads and physique at the herb or bounce, rolling round, vocalizing and salivating. This response continuously lasts for about 10 minutes, after which they’re going to develop into quickly “immune” to catnip results for more or less 30 minutes. It is very important to notice that response to catnip is hereditary; and about 70 to 80 % of cats exhibit this conduct inside the plant’s presence. Some cats have no response to catnip or silvervine the least bit.

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