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Cat Scratch Guard – Cats don’t like having sticky paws, so our double-sided adhesive tap can repel them and help you train your cats to develop the habit of not scratching your precious furniture.
Invisible Protection – Our transparent sticky tape provides a clever and fairly inconspicuous way to protect your furniture from pets’ scratching without sacrificing its original aesthetic.
Versatile – Adhere strongly to most surfaces such as suede, leather, leatherette, stained wood, fabric couch and varnished doors. Easily peel off without fear of any messy residues or damaging the furniture pieces.


Cat Scratch Guard – Cats do not like having sticky paws, so our double-sided adhesive faucet can repel them and assist you to prepare your cats to develop the behavior of not scratching your valuable furnishings.
Invisible Protection – Our clear sticky tape offers a intelligent and pretty inconspicuous solution to shield your furnishings from pets’ scratching with out sacrificing its unique aesthetic.
Versatile – Adhere strongly to most surfaces resembling suede, leather-based, leatherette, stained wooden, cloth sofa and varnished doorways. Easily peel off with out worry of any messy residues or damaging the furnishings items.
100% Safe – Odor free, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, not irritate your pores and skin or your pet’s paws, completely secure. Just merely stick any areas you don’t want to be scratched, get inventive in seconds! Also,this adhesive tape is totally different from pet deterrent spray, it is not going to go away any horrible scent in your house.
Wide Application – Can even be used as a normal double-sided sticky tape for mounting mild objects, DIY makers.

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