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Subject material: Pretend Fur + Silver Sand + Feather
Fill with a few sand within the cat toys mice, and it will possibly make sand sound to attract your cat’s consideration simply and arouse its curiosity. (Note:once in a while there could also be slightly sand leak out.)
Single product dimension: Body – Approx. 2”*1” (five*2.5 cm), Tail period – Approx. 2”~3.five” (five-nine cm)
Package comprises 10 bushy mice,cat toy mouse with gorgeous feather tails. There are 5 sorts of colours within the body of the 10 mouses: blue, black, orange, red and inexperienced. The amount of every colour random delivery.
The mice cat toys will bring a large number of amusing and effort in your pets and the pets will likely be more nimble and vigorous.




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