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Size: 18 x 4 1-2 inch - 2 Pack

18 x 4 1-2 inch - 2 Pack

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  • Cat Scratch Guard Furniture Protectors – No Fake Reviews -Love Your Furniture and Your Cat!


    YOUR CAT WILL NOT SCRATCH THESE…EVER. Cats have been ignoring these guards since 2008. The high quality vinyl is thick enough to deter scratching and flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture. Cat Scratch Guards are manufactured in a factory located in the southeastern United States.
    PINS HOLD THE VINYL FIRMLY IN PLACE. The high quality pins are shorter than other pins which ensures an easy installation. Four extra pins are included in every package. Not recommended for leather.
    CATS WILL USUALLY SCRATCH AT THE STURDIEST PARTS OF YOUR FURNITURE. The sturdiest part of your furniture is at the corners where the frame is and these guards cover that area.

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