Size: 32”x10.5”x10.5”


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  • ScratchMe Bone Shaped Cat Scratcher Board Post Carton Prevents Furniture Damage


    [HEALTHY CAT]: Scratch Board that satisfied your cat’s natural scratching instinct and fits cats of all sizes and breeds. This is a good source of exercise, a very good stress relief that will improve your cat’s overall health and balance.
    [REST & PLAY]: Lounge-shaped corrugated cardboard scratcher is a perfect place for rest & play. Apart from scratching it, cats treats it like bed and lie on it.
    [ & DURABLE]: Durable cat scratching Board, made of 101% recyclable cardboard and non-toxic corn starch glue, can withstand Bites and scratches of pets and can last long. Made by high-quality corrugated cardboard. Five layer of corrugated paper as a pressed unit, put together with strong glue bond to ensure the durability.

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