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  • Buddy & Lola L Lysine for Cats – Immune Support for Cats – Made in The USA – Natural Ingredients – Tasty and Healthy…


    MEOW! NEW LYSINE CAT TREATS – Loving pet owners have used Buddy & Lola supplements for their dogs. Now your cats and kittens can get the benefits of our NEW LLysine Treats for Cats! Your feline friends deserve a little extra care.
    KEEP YOUR KITTY HEALTHY – Snivels, sneezes, allergy and sad little eyes. No one wants their cats to get sick and suffer these symptoms! Instead you can use Cat Lysine to boost immunity help with upper respiratory infections conjunctivitis and feline herpes treatment.
    WHISKER LICKIN’ GOOD – Felines can be fussy eaters, which means they may not be getting all the nutrients they need from food. Your cats will be licking their paws and whiskers after getting their yummy Lysine Chews for Cats

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