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  • SpeedySift 11″ Height Cat Litter Box with Disposable Sifting Liners, Color Gray, Large


    Innovative offset-stacked liners: Each liner acts as a sieve. When two are offset and stacked together they form a solid base which minimizes CATCHING cats’ claws and tearing. It also prevents urine leakage and litter from falling to the bottom. Each pack has 14 sifting liners and 1 bottom no hole liner.
    100% Plastic high sides: Not cardboard or plastic coating!!! It clamps up to 15 liners in just one second. Eliminates the use of drawstrings or rubber bands. Made of light-weighed, excellent durability & weatherproof corrugated plastic. The side walls come with a 5 year warranty!
    Easy to assemble: Please follow the VIDEO instructions. Use with clumping clay litter that is non-lightweight. According to the Humane Society, most cats like a shallow bed of litter, so provide 1-2″ of litter rather than 3-4″.

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