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  • PAWS OFF Ultimate Anti-Scratch Cat Training Tape – Protect Your Home and Furniture with Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape…


    STOP PETS RUINING YOUR FURNITURE: If you’re sick of your pets destroying your expensive home furnishings, this cat furniture protector tape will make an asset to any pet-owner’s home. Designed to deter cat scratching and providing an ethical alternative to cat spray, this clear double sided tape is guaranteed to impress.
    MULTI-PURPOSE: Suitable for virtually any furnishing, this cat furniture protector can be used throughout the entire home. Compatible with both leather and fabric, you can use this cat tape on couches, carpet, doors, countertops and more – making this pet tape one of the most versatile furniture protectors from cats on the market.
    EASY TO USE: Effortlessly simple to use, all that’s required is to cut this cat deterrent tape to your desired length, stick down, and carefully peel away to expose its stickiness. Then, each time your pet attempts to scratch, they will be deterred by the sticky feeling – resulting in successful training against cat scratching.

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