, Electric Flutter Rotating BallAutomatic Ball Lifting Electr.jpg?resize=500%2C380&ssl=1

Electric Flutter Rotating Ball,Automatic Ball Lifting Electr…

Price: (as of – Details) Clamp this cat toy on the nook of the desk,activate the change,the rope will rise and fall mechanically,When the toy is triggered, it may be turned off mechanically for about 5 minutes, or the button may be turned off once more in the course of the operation of the toy.

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Yvelife Interactive Cat Toys Ball,Automatic Irregular Moving…

Price: (as of – Details) Tireg,with highly effective motors and enormous tires,all flooring might simply run although,by attaching varied equipment,birds,charmer,feathers on,cats might play with Tireg on a regular basis with completely different enjoyable. Specification: Size:108* 72 * 72 / 212 mm Material:PC+ABS Color:White Main Shell + Grey Tire Accessories:Bird,Charmer and feathers are included.[Large Rechargeable Battery]:620mah

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