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  • Shenviz Anti Scratch Cat Traning Tape Double Sided Sticky Cat Training Tape for Furniture Stop Pets Scratching Sofa Door…


    Furniture Protecter : Cat sometimes are a little bit naughty and do something annoying like scratching things. It may destroy your new and pricy furniture. This anti scratching cat training tape will help at this problem, it provides an extra protection on furniture surface to avoid cat scratching
    How It Works: This cat scratching tape is double sided sticky, cats don’t like the sticky feeling and so they will keep away from furniture. By this way this tape prevents your furniture from being torn up by cats and train them develop a good habit
    This cat training tape can use on a lot furniture like door, couch, sofa, chair, table, counter, cabinet and more. And it can use on most surfaces like cotton, fabric, cloth, nylon, silk, wood and most kinds of leather (some kinds of thin skin leather may not work, please check before using)

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