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  • Double Sided Cat Tape Anti Scratch Cat Training Tape for Door Floor Couch Furniture Surfaces Scratching Guard Protector…


    STOP CATS/DOGS/PETS RUINING YOUR EXPENSIVE FURNITURE: Cats/dogs/pets always make some damages to your home like scratching or chewing wooden floor, door and leather furniture, which may cost you a lot of money. This anti-scratch tape can stop this. Using this tape to stick on the surface of furniture or floor can provide an extra protection. The sticky feeling of the tape will keep cats away when they try to scratch or chew your expensive furniture
    TRAIN YOUR CATS AND 100% SAFE, NON-TOXIC TO PET: Train your cats and have them develop a good habit. This tape not only protects your furniture from scratching, and also can make them develop the habit of not scratching or tearing up your furniture. This double sided anti-scratch tape is 100% safe to pets. It can make cats stop scratching but do no any harm to them. It is a great way to protect your furniture and train your pets without hurting them at the same time
    FEATURES: This sticky tape is high adhesive, high transparent, easy to peel off the release paper, removable, no residue, scratch resistant, tearing resistant, heat resistant (-40~120°), water resistant, long time lasting, flexible and not easy to tear up. It can be used in a lots of places as its special features

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