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limited manufacturer’s warranty on manufacturer’s defects only

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  • Lixit Oral Syringe and Medicine Dropper, 3ml/10ml (Single)


    PERFECT FOR BABY PETS: The Lixit hand feeding syringes are the perfect tool to help baby birds and small animals when they are not eating. If your baby pet is suffering from decreased appetite or Illness this syringe kit can help safely and comfortably administer food.
    COMPLETE NURSING KIT: The Lixit hand feeding pet nursing kit is the perfect set of tools to care for baby pets that needs help feeding. It features a 10ml syringe, and a 3ML dropper.
    10ml Syringe: The Kit Features a Lixit medical grade syringe. This 10ML features clear markings from 1 to 10ML allowing you to measure exactly how much food or medicine is needed. The Syringe is tapered on the end and can be used with a hose.

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